Entering motherhood opens us up to a new level of consciousness. We are no longer living in the same universe that we once were and the stakes feel much higher. Finding ways to sit with this in peace, to allow the universe to support us, and to raise conscious beings creates an alignment with ourselves and our children. We believe motherhood should be a place for you to thrive, not merely to survive, and we are dedicated to providing you with the resources and tools you need. To that end, we are constantly seeking out experts to share their wisdom with our readers to help you move through each phase with more ease.

The founder of the collective, Natalie Ehrlich, created this space because of her own experience as a new mother. Processing her birth, breastfeeding challenges, postpartum anxiety and depression, changing friendships, and difficulty with staying present led her to create this site so that no mama ever feels they are going this journey alone.

Motherhood can be a lonely place and in looking for her village, Natalie manifested a space where mothers from all different backgrounds can come together for community, sisterhood, inspiration and mindfulness. We believe that motherhood doesn't have to be a struggle (although, we recognize that the struggles can be very real), we can support each other through it and find so much joy in this experience. To this end, we never shy away from sharing the difficult, raw, less than picture perfect side of being a mama.

The collective is here to support you in your motherhood journey from conception and beyond. Our goal is to help you make conscious choices, to bring awareness to what does and does not serve you, and to bring you in line with your true self as a mother and a woman.