A Whimsical French Flamingo Nursery


 I am one of those women who has been dreaming about her little girl her whole life so when I found out I was having a daughter, I went a little overboard on the nursery! I wanted it to be fun and playful with lots of color, whimsy AND flamingos (more on that later) but still elegant with a French nod. Basically ALL THE THINGS. I wanted it to be all the things.


I found this rug years ago and I just knew it would be the cement that glued together this pink fever dream in my head. Flamingos have always been my favorite animal because manage to be so ridiculous and so mesmerizing at once; I believe all the best things in life are. I love how proudly they stand despite having the tiniest, comically skinny legs and big fluffy vibrant bodies.  It may seem a tad twee, but I want my little girl to stand that proudly, too!  

So that flamingo love affair led to this quilt and swaddle, this flock print that was previously hanging in my office, this proud fellow, and this book.  And then my friends, I had an epiphany regarding how well pineapples and flamingos go together. That led to this lamp and a colorful print by one of my favorite artists, Brit Bass Turner (no longer available but similar here). During a trip to Austin while I was pregnant, I acquired a beautiful wall hanging in shades of muted blush and I decided it worked with the rug (I found an equally gorgeous one here).


I knew I wanted to start my little Francophile off on the right foot so I incorporated this Paris print (also previously in my office – I’m already giving her all my things!) and a je t’aime macaron print that I cannot find anywhere now but will try to find and link for you soon! I picked up this gorgeous pop-up version of the Little Prince along with this stunning Paris book. It was at this point that it dawned on me that the nursery theme was flamingos in Paris! I began imagining a flock of flamingos walking around Paris posing and preening as the ultimate flaneurs.


With all this busy color and print mixing, I went very simple with the furniture opting for this campaign style dresser with this flat display bookshelf and this midcentury modern crib.  I’m not linking my glider because I am not completely in love with it and I only want to recommend amazing things to you, mes amies!


Some of my favorite toys of Lilly’s live in her room, including this unicorn rocker with her name engraved on it and this soft playmat.

I had no idea quite how much time I would spend in the nursery.  Everyone told me I would barely be in there the first six months but with a baby that only naps on me and transitioning her out of our bedroom around three months, there have been hours upon hours in that room nursing, rocking, shushing, swaying, bouncing, cuddling, and loving on our girl.

I used to sit in the glider while I was pregnant late at night when pregnancy insomnia crept in just imagining her in her room. I’d think about the type of mother I want to be, the ways I would teach her what it means to be loved, and the sense of security I hoped to instill in her. I hope her room makes her feel as happy and beloved as I felt creating it.