Raising a Bilingual Child: French Books for Bébé


There are a lot of things I’ve discovered that I love about having a baby.  The cuddles, the smiles, the chunky thighs, and chubby cheeks…but one that I did not anticipate was how fun it would be to read to her in French!  Free from any judgment of my accent and giving her a headstart at being bilingual (#goals), it’s a win all around!  I’ve been speaking French to her since birth and I don’t know if it’s my terrible accent, the way I overly enunciate or just how silly it sounds to her but she thinks it’s hilarious!


I started collecting books about France before she was born but recently I decided to up the Francophile ante and ordered a bunch of book in French.  My husband also speaks some French and we have been having so much fun reading them to her!


My favorite books about France in English for our baby are the following. Hudson in Provence, a tale about a dog who takes a trip to Provence and decides to try his hand at being a provençal dog to much hilarity.  Come With Me to Paris is by far our prettiest children’s book and coincidentally retraces much of our honeymoon in Paris.  I love how it incorporates basic French and the illustrations are bright and beautiful. The award for cutest book goes to Escargot and the classics no children’s French library should be without are MadelineThe Story of Babar and The Little Prince pop-up book.  We also love this simple board book that takes you through the shapes of Paris and this sweet and gorgeous ballet book, Love is a Tutu.


My favorite books en francais range from stories to primers. All Aboard Paris is a sweet little French primer for young children. This French-English picture dictionary will be one that she grows into.  This Les Miserables Babylit book introduces us to the cast of characters in my favorite Victor Hugo story. We love these amusing French Nursery Rhymes. And then the classics, bien sur: Dr. Suess is even tongue twistier en francais.  We muddle our way through this one and this one with lots of laughter. Lastly, we read Bonsoir Lune in English and French ad bedtime!