Wrap Dresses: A Summer Pregnancy's Best Friend


Call me crazy (I am, all the best people are) but I truly miss being pregnant. It wasn't until the end of my pregnancy that I really found my look and I'm so excited to wear some of the pieces I acquired with my bump next time around. Of course woman is different, but when I was pregnant I found anything formfitting or vaguely Spandex-like to feel very limiting and uncomfortable.

This meant I often wore my husband's button ups or sack-like dresses. I truly didn't mind the androgynous vibe of my apparel, my body was as womanly as it had ever been and comfort felt so much more important than anything. However, at times I did long for something with a bit more of a feminine shape, and I found a maternity wrap dress fulfilled this need well. 


The beautiful thing about a wrap dress is you can move very freely. Whether I was settling in to meditate or heading out to wear errands, it transitioned seamlessly. But I think the best part is that you can adjust the ties to accommodate your growing belly so the dress grows organically with your pregnancy (unlike some jeans I purchased that ceased to fit mid second trimester and no mama got time for that). 

Australian mama-founded Maive and Bo was my go-to during the third trimester due to their very reasonable price point, minimalistic prints, and the lightweight fabric that drapes quite beautifully. They also have lovely striped dresses that feel timeless and chic. I'm so glad I acquired a few of these dresses at the end of my pregnancy because they turned out to be the only put-together feeling pieces I owned for postpartum comfort and nursing. 


If you're shopping for a maternity wrap dress keep in mind that as your belly grows, the two sides will be farther apart. I know this sounds obvious but the result is that you begin to feel a bit more exposed which you may or may not be into. In my experience, this led to showing off a bit more cleavage than I was used to so I sized up. A little bit of fashion tape can also be helpful for keeping things in place.

To be honest, I struggled with the allover weight gain of pregnancy more than I expected. I think Instagram gave me the false expectation that I would just have this cute bump and thing appendages but the reality was that my body needed to gain weight all over. I'm hoping I'll be a bit more comfortable with that next time around. However, I must say that the sleeves on these wraps dresses were really helpful in that department and gave me the coverage I was looking for during my pregnancy and postpartum period as my body was going through a lot of transitions.


My maternity wrap dresses are still hanging in my closet a year postpartum which I think is the ultimate testament to their wearability. As I mentioned above, they were my go-to during nursing and when I stopped, I decided to keep them around since they're so versatile and easy to throw on as a busy mama of a toddler. When I can, I try to maintain my non-pregnant wardrobe while pregnant in an effort to keep feeling more like myself. It's certainly not possible for every article of clothing but dresses transition well between pregnancy and postpartum. Where ever you are in your mama journey, I think we all need pieces that feel inviting and comfortable for whatever our bodies and babies may bring.