Where We Buy Our Essential Oils


Welcome to a seriously meaningful way to live your life. I was a bit skeptical at first, but essential oils have made their way into every part of of my own life and my family’s life, too.

Using essential oils sent me on a wellness journey which led to a chain reaction of realizations about how prevalent toxic, chemical filled products were in our home. With a baby that likes to eat off the floor and dogs that eat everything, I realized that these chemicals had a very real chance of being ingested by our family not to mention inhaled in the air we breathe. It’s pretty scary once you realize it, but the good news? You have the ability and the access to tools to help you to say no to toxic, cancer-causing, environmentally damaging products and YES to products that are plant-based, safe, clean and green. I was hesitant to start using essential oils when I first heard about this whole new world (TBH, I was a little overwhelmed by those pretty bottles that I had no idea how to use) but once I started, it was incredible to see how there’s a use for them in every aspect of my life – from wellness to self care to cleaning – and it’s a complete lifestyle overhaul that has changed how we live. I’ve connected with a village of women, many of them mamas, who have helped me through teething, colic, reflux, colds and everything in between with their vast knowledge of using plants to heal and treat life’s ups and downs.

I used to be sick all the time. I used to reach for medicine whenever I felt unwell. I used to have terrible allergies to so many products I was using everyday without even realizing it. I used to be afraid of the products in my home taking an ignorance is bliss approach. I used to get in crappy moods that I couldn’t pull myself out of. Today, I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been and so confident that I’m doing right by my family.

In this post, I’ll show you step-by-step how to get started and introduce you to a community of likeminded women who share your same concerns and dreams for your family’s wellness.

There are a lot of ways and places to purchase essential oils, but just like so many products, a lot of them aren’t giving you the whole story about what is and isn’t included – many aren’t pure therapeutic grade or have unncessary additives. Young Living owns the farms it cultivates these magical elixirs from so I know I’m getting the purest of the plant.

To embark on this wellness journey, order a a Starter Kit! It’s full of the oils that I use in my everyday life and is a great way to get acquainted with oils in an extremely approachable way that will blend seamlessly with your lifestyle.


After signing up, you can go ahead and order the premium starter kit! There are a few different options – most people go with the kit with the Dewdrop diffuser for $160.

  • Follow along on my Instagram where I’ll share how we use oils in our home, how some of the most inspiring women I know use their oils on their children, themselves and their homes, and how to become part of a community of women who will help you live a cleaner and healthier life.

Okay, I’m using these oils like crazy..how do I restock my oils and try new products?

  • The best way is via the Essential Rewards program. While being a YL member does not require any kind of monthly minimum/is not a subscription service, you do have the option to join ER, which is a monthly program. And if you’re going to continue to purchase Young Living oils and products, this is the way to go! Here’s why I signed up:

    • For each ER order you place you get loyalty points (anywhere from 10-25%), which can be later used as cash for more YL products.

    • There are promos each month, so when you place your monthly order to restock your favorites, you’ll get free oils and/or products in the mail as well!

    • Everything comes straight to your door with discounted shipping.

    • You get loyalty gifts along with your order at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months.

    • You get the peace of mind knowing everything is safe, clean, and free of toxins for you & your family.

  • All you have to do to remain enrolled is place a 50PV order (PV=purchase volume, for most items 1 PV = $1) each month. So that could be a few oils, a few products from the Thieves line, some all natural non-toxic makeup, another diffuser, etc. As you run out of products and naturally replace them with non-toxic YL products, you’ll inevitably meet the 50PV minimum.

Do I have to sell oils?

  • Absolutely not! When you sign up as a member, you are technically a ‘distributor’ but that doesn’t mean you need to sell oils – it’s just a way to get you the most for your membership.

Welcome to a whole new clean, plant-powered way of living. I’m so glad you’re here.