Teething Tips from the Village


“Breast milk Popsicles. Lifesaver!”

Toofeeze! Was such a lifesaver for us !

A nurse friend told me about freezing chamomile tee in an ice tray and letting them munch on it. Best ever! It soothes with the cold and the chamomile calms them!

Frozen binkies were a life saver for us!

Moana on repeat but I didn't tell you that.

Amber necklace and copaiba essential oil has been a life saver for us

This with a piece of ice or frozen fruit is all that worked for us.

My daughter is a horrible horrible teether. These all natural drops were the only thing that helped her.

Mine have all worn amber necklaces and none ever had terrible fits of crying. I’ve used Hyland’s Teething Tablets to good effect. Camilla drops work, but they’re much more expensive than Hyland’s. I also like Punkin Butt Teething Oil. And when it’s affecting sleep, ibuprofen.

Frozen mango!

Let baby gnaw on a cold carrot or celery stick.

Copaiba oil + lavender oil from Young Living diluted and on the jawline.

Lavender and frankincense diluted with a carrier oil and applied to the jaw line helps my little ones when teething!

Amber necklaces from a reputable source. We buy ours here.

Wink Naturals has a great peppermint oil teething gel. My son loves it!