Empowering the Mama: A Review of the Bloomlife Pregnancy Tracker

As you know, on this site we are all about empowering mamas to understand more about their bodies and provide them with more agency regarding their health, particularly during pregnancy. During my first pregnancy, I had some slightly ridiculous thoughts that my baby would just never come. I wasn’t sure what Braxton Hicks contractions felt like and I still am not sure whether I had any leading up to Lilly’s birth. This put me at the mercy of my medical team in a way that made me feel a bit helpless and lost. I think some of this paranoia about whether my body would do what it was naturally designed to do led me to have an induction that to this day I question whether it was medically necessary. I simply didn’t know enough about what was going on within my own body in this new experience to feel equipped and empowered to make certain choices.

bloom life-pregnancy-tracker

When I started seeing the Bloomlife pregnancy tracker popping up on my Instagram feed my curiosity was instantly piqued. I wonder if I had been able to see that my body was indeed preparing for labor and that I didn’t have some sort of bizarre condition that would lead me to be pregnant forever. You know how it goes at the end of pregnancy – irrational thoughts start creeping in! When Bloomlife contacted me about trying this innovative product, I was really excited to try it. And I was even more enthused after chatting with them and learning about their mission: that expecting moms should have better, more personalized information at their fingertips for a simpler, healthier and more empowered pregnancy. 


For so long pregnancy and birth has been controlled by providers and women are secondary to the process, this puts us back in a position of power over our own bodies as we do this incredibly natural thing that our bodies were designed to do. Further, this aligns so well with what I didn’t have and wish I did in my first pregnancy, an additional, intelligent tool to help me make confident decisions about my pregnancy and birth.


I had heard plenty about Braxton Hicks contractions and that they can range from barely noticeable to quite uncomfortable, but even 33 weeks into my second pregnancy I was a little embarrassed to admit that I still wasn’t sure what they felt like. When I had NSTs at the end of my pregnancy with my daughter, they told me I was having irregular contractions, but I truly didn’t feel anything except her usual movement. The first time I used my Bloomlife pregnancy tracker, I watched the app mesmerized as it recorded and timed my contractions in real time and I finally understood what Braxton Hicks contractions felt like for me

Now that I know, I feel like I’ll be able to understand what early labor feels like in a way that I wouldn’t have previously. Also, I have a lot more faith in my body’s ability to go into labor naturally after seeing that my uterus is indeed practicing for labor all the time in my third trimester! I really look forward to wearing it for an hour or two each night and seeing the changes in my contraction patterns. My husband and I both can’t believe that we have this incredibly advanced technology at our fingertips!


I’m looking forward to using it to help me determine for myself if and when I am indeed in labor so I can feel more confident about my understanding of what my body is doing and hopefully avoid any unnecessary trips to the hospital by timing the regularity of my contractions. I truly believe this is an important tool for any mama hoping to experience spontaneous labor. I have no doubt I am entering my next birth more educated and empowered than I did with my first as a result of this increased understanding about my body during this very sacred and special time!