A Vintage Lover's Maternity Dress


During my third trimester, I found it became more difficult to find clothes that fit – even maternity clothes began feeling snug – so I was pleasantly surprised to find that this vintage silhouetted dress accommodated my bump easily. 


These days we tend to dress our pregnant bodies in more form-fitting clothes but this wider silhouette hearkens back to what our grandmothers would have been wearing when expecting our mamas. I think there's something quite sweet and unexpected about these silhouettes and I found them to be comfortable – my most important requirement – when my belly skin began to feel tighter. There’s a definite 1960s vibe to this look, especially with the addition of a block heel and this glam-meets-kitsch bag that I just can’t stop wearing.  I completely understand the inclination to wear more billowy silhouettes when expecting since tight clothes were not my friend in the third trimester.


Although this dress is unfortunately long gone (my baby is now one!), I found some similar silhouetted dresses in burnt siena gingham here, in stripes here, in black here, and in a similar yellow gingham here